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Hack the Fog 2.0

San Francisco's first high school hackathon is back.

‘Hack the Fog’ makes history as San Francisco’s first high school hackathonsfchronicle.com

In March 2018, we made history with Hack the Fog 1.0, San Francisco’s first high school hackathon — it was a massive success. Checkout our online hackathon below!

Hack the Cloud (Virtual hackathon)


What should I bring? Do I need to pay?

Hack the Fog is completely free to attend! Though we provide snacks and meals, you’ll need to bring, at the very least, your laptop, chargers for your phone and computer, and your student ID. (We’re not yet sure if we’ll be able to provide computers, but if you sign up we’ll let you know by email!)

It’s highly recommended to bring a water bottle, a sleeping bag, blanket, and/or onesie, and a toothbrush and toothpaste.

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a 24-hour marathon competition where you and a team of up to 4 people can create anything you want with tech. What you create is up to you - whether it’s a website, a game, or even an artistic hardware project, you can submit your creation to be judged by a panel of actual people working in the tech field. We’ll even reward you and your team with big prizes if your project is exceptionally cool! (Prizes to be announced soon!)

Hackathons are also great chances to connect with other students interested in tech, meet representatives from actual companies, and get exclusive info on what it’s like to work in tech!

What makes Hack the Fog different from any other Bay Area hackathon?

Hack the Fog is focused on opening the doors into the tech world for public school students in San Francisco and Oakland. Most of our team is in the SFUSD school district, and knows that public school computer science curriculum is not the best way to learn how to learn to code.

At the same time, our hackathon wants to create a memorable experience through fun activities and being up close and personal with everyone. Come to Hack the Fog and be part of a family of people who will support you in your technological endeavors!

Can I be reimbursed for transportation?

This is yet to be officially announced, but we can try to help you on a case-by-case basis if you email us at [email protected]

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